Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

Accelerate Internet with DNS Jumper

A little review of what it is DNS, DNS is (Domain Name System) is a system that stores information about host name or domain name in the form of scattered databases (Distributed databases) in a computer network, such as the Internet. DNS provides the IP address for each host name and record each letter transmitting server (the mail exchange server) receive electronic mail (email) for each domain.

Changing DNS on a computer is one of the tricks to speed up internet connection to change their way to manually click the Programs menu and then click the Show All Connections Click pal connections with select properties then select the Networking tab click on the option of Internet Protocol (TCP / IP), see picture.

then click properties again select Use the Following DNS addresses: then input your DNS

If confused, please look for an appropriate DNS slides into the links below for more details of the use of DNS features.

The easiest way just use DNS jumper.

You can download DNS jumper here

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